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on the contrary [09 May 2007|12:05pm]
fifth day unable to eat without wanting to shit out all my insides. letting work consume me and not even minding all that much. and most importantly, trying to ignore a little baby heartbreak that weighs a ton and hurts a lot. lessons are important and learning is fun, right? i'll take it from me and no one else, i don't want to hear a single i-told-you-so.
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diet, profession, leisure activities [31 Mar 2007|09:10am]
cookies, cakes and scones washed down with beer, wine or coffee. dressing up, buying clothes for work and buying clothes for play. riding my bike just to ride my bike and enjoying plenty of sex. it's no wonder i am healthy and happy as a bear.
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[29 Jan 2007|04:17pm]
I can hear my grandparents outside,
"Are you going to shine shoes or play in the concrete?"
We are normal.
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[26 Jan 2007|01:05pm]
i'm all moved in and we're givin' it another go!
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[06 Jan 2007|05:28pm]
things that are good:
maybe the perfect job for me
moving to a house two seconds away from this job
not having to pay rent anymore
seeing my family a lot
seeing my boyfriend a lot
exercising a lot
my bike
my boots
my life

things that are bad:
i need to pack
i'm hungry
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[26 Dec 2006|12:40pm]
[ mood | wanting tuno ]

we could have just taken the day one lazy toss and turn at a time, i would have been happy.

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all in a dream [05 Dec 2006|04:51pm]
[ mood | all smiley ]

procrastination is killing me! cooking for fun is fulfilling me. good reads are tempting me. newness is tickling me. jim guthrie is dancing with me. holiday specials are tricking the shit out of me.
i need help with something girlfriend-y. girlfriends, come to me.

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[19 Nov 2006|10:33am]
ahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm excitement!
i think the new year's going to bring me a new job, a new home and hopefully more time for crafting. but new year? it's thanksgiving! i hate updating my livejournal; i love my everything else.
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hi [28 Sep 2006|11:51am]
I know I'm still a baby, I'm not asking for a husband. I just want to love somebody! I feel so full, all the time, ready to explode. Everything is beautiful to me, everything deserves praise. I just want to share that feeling. I just want someone to tell stories to at the end of the day. Life is really cool. I want to feel cool next to somebody. I really want to make somebody feel cool.
Lately I can't tell if I'm being too nice or too dumb. Maybe neither.
Maybe over analytical!
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you will get a visit at approx. 8 this evening [05 Aug 2006|10:44am]
this is a message for carlie. it says:
HI CARLIE! i missed you at my table last night.
see you later!
xox your friend
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[03 Apr 2006|07:26pm]
I haven't felt so eager and excited and alive in a really long time.
I keep feeling like I have to yawn but then I really just take in a deep breath of joy. What?
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[25 Feb 2006|10:10am]
I think I really am psychic because two nights ago I was asked to draw a hand puppet and I drew a woman with an eye patch. Today I woke up with pink eye and consequently am wearing an eye patch, just like my puppet lady. Coincidental? Psychic? Shitty? All are correct, I think.
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[08 Feb 2006|10:10am]
Life is so fucking BEAUTIFUL.

I just wanna give big fat presents to all my special people. Material, physical and emotional. I also wanna give a little shout-out to my favorite buddy, even though she hates Livejournal, because she's the reason I'm so full of these feelings. Love is so coooooooooool man.
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in the mean time [25 Jan 2006|01:03am]
batting my eyelashes at the wrong person
compliments on my shirt two times in one night
being ignored
old ass pie
free coffee, tea and milk
car troubles
surprise bag of weed
late fees/large bills
new routine
too much homework
happy friends
six pounds in less than two weeks
fancy shoes
being classy
poets, green hats, babes
stupid nicknames
still-likin-you e-mails
coffee and redbulls
steam-room and meditating

i was trying to alternate good and bad but then i ran out of bad.
it's been tryin' times, seriously, but i feel proud and optimistic. thank you, good friend.
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[20 Jan 2006|08:37pm]
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this shit, life's dramatic.
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